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The KATTE's Korner

I create Adoptable Images on Commission for use on your profile on one of my favorite sites. The backgrounds are are created by me. The meerkat is my own personal drawing, and I can create others. I have Wajas images, Ponystars images, and Gaiaonline Avatar Images as well. I also have various animals like cats, dogs, birds, ect. Just message me on one of those sites under the user name nymkatte (wajas user ID#138615) and we'll come to a trade deal! Once I have created the image, I will host it for you as well for an additional fee.

Additional Fees apply to
→ Custom Backgrounds
→ Custom Avatars/Images
→ Exclusive Backgrounds
→ Exclusive Images

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

Message Me at One of These Sites To Order One! (user name nymkatte [wajas#138615])

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